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7 Most Haunted Places In Sri Lanka To Make You Face Your Darkest Fears

You may have heard various spooky stories from your grandparents. They can be extremely unimaginable, and you can consider them crazy. Are any of them genuine? Well, we’ll possibly never know, yet there are certain spots popular for ghosts or spirits in haunted structures, houses, or even whole lanes. Quite strange is the case with Sri Lanka which is viewed as the simple embodiment of life and energy with its lovely beaches bus also ought to be home to certain doomed spots that are oddly devastating and are evidently scary.

So, whenever you are in this country and choose to go to its renowned vacation spots, make it a point to also visit these scandalously haunted places in Sri Lanka.

It is bizarre how the most prominent, clearly open spots can conceal the darkest of mysteries. Check out this list of places in Sri Lanka to know more!

1. Lovers Leap Waterfall


Wonderful and worth a trip – for the breathtaking scenes from its top – this cascade is also supposed to be haunted by the spirits of the couple who dived to their deaths here. Cautious locals avoid visiting this place after nightfall, presenting belief to the story of a commoner and prince, whose love was denied and who tempted togetherness by dying.

Its a tale so romantically unfortunate that it became a terrifying local saga. For it was that one deadly day in September of 1915 when pretty Jane Riley, sorrowful and agitated, ended her life by jumping off the falls at Albion Mills into the rocky chasm underneath.

2. Helgas Folly

Helgas Folly

This 35-room hotel/art gallery surrealist fantasy has to be a truly unique and most over-the-top hotel in Sri Lanka. Helgas parents converted their house into the Chalet hotel. The residence was first designed in the 30s by Esme de Silva, Helgas mother. After Helga took over the place some decades ago she renamed it Helgas folly and treated it with artwork.
This house has also greeted leading dignitaries like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Nehru during its political tycoons.

Visiting this place looks like a living memorial to the spirits of the past by the owner, who lived on the top floor of the hotel.

If not anything the d-cor will surely give you a spooky feel as if youre in those horror Hollywood movies kind of house!


3. General’s House

 Members' Services Office of the Parliament Secretariat.

General’s House is a country house supported by the Members’ Services Office of the Parliament Secretariat. It is the country residence of Members of Parliament as well as a vacationing spot for many. Generals House was built during the late 19th century as an English country house by the British Colonial administration. It is established within the boundaries of the Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka along the Grand Hotel Drive and near to The Hill Club.The country house is supposed to be possessed by the ghost of a dead English Lady who was discovered dead in one of its rooms under unnatural circumstances.

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4. Borella Cemetery

haunted places in Sri Lanka

This place is both have some fairly dull crossroads in its 170-year history and considered as one of the haunted places in Sri Lanka. It is the place from where the Black July revolts were started.The burial ground is notable for turning into the last resting spots for a few acclaimed people and was additionally the beginning stage of one of the darkest times in Sri Lankan history.

Thirty-three years back, the memorial service functions of thirteen warriors annihilated by the LTTE were held at the Borella Cemetery, overlooking the standard process of restoring the warriors’ bodies to their separate families.If you’re obsessed with history, stillness, and seclusion, take a stroll in this haunting land for a couple of hours.

5. Wolvendaal Church

Doric design style with walls

Located in Wolfendhal Lane in Pettah, the church was constructed in a Doric design style with walls around five feet thick and its old furniture going back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It also has chronicles holding baptism and marriage records from 1620 to 1936.

The church is still in use today as Sunday services are offered here. The church is bedraggled outwardly and quiet within. The place smells like history, and underneath are numerous gravestones, making you think about whether you must remain there in any case. It isn’t deserted; however, you may get the inclination that dead Dutch individuals are seeing you from their graves, yet the church is a decent place to visit and value its history.

6. The Telecom Building

haunted building in sri lanka

The Sri Lanka Telecom Building was built in 1911, which is established along both Lotus Road in Fort and Chatham Street, nearby the gigantic statue of a hand holding a telephone, known as the Ceylon Central Telegraph Office.The building endured destruction after the bombing in 1989 and the reclamation procedure was completed for quite a long while in a particular way to ensure the building stayed in its actual style along with its unique design. In spite of a thriving restoration, the word in the city is that the building may still be spooky.

7. Jawatte Lunatic Asylum

the quieting interiors, rising white walls

Hardly any individuals know it, however, the quieting interiors, rising white walls, and exquisite woodwork of this complex have some dark secrets. Initially developed in 1889, the building sustained 400 patients in it. The passages of the Arcade Independence Square are a pleasant place to walk around, regardless of whether you’re there to scan through the designer apparel stores or simply hang out however, trust it or not, there’s a not as much bright history behind a portion of the structures of the Arcade.

These are some haunted spots of Sri Lanka which are fit for sending jitters down your spine at a thought of visiting them all alone. A word of attention might be essential here; visiting these places would be a great plan only if you have a tendency of retaining paranormal curiosities.So, ready to book your Sri Lanka tour for a thrilling experience?

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8 Best Things To Do In Amman On A Short Trip

Amman — the capital of Jordan — is a charming city with a fascinating mixture of modern world and cultural history. The city is also an excellent base for touring around popular sites like Jerash. Amman is often overlooked and underrated, but the best things to do in Amman will make your visit worth it.

This lively city is humming with colorful and innovative cafes, art galleries, street food stalls, and the souks that are sure to amaze you. If you’re an explorer, Amman is calling you!

shawarma roll in a street stall in Amman

Amongst all the things to do in Amman, trying Jordanian food is the best. It would be no exaggeration to say that the highlight of your complete trip is going to be the food. Due to its geographical location, the country has culinary influences from Mediterranean, North Africa, and Persia. Amman is the hub for cafes, restaurants, and food stalls.

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sunset at the Citadel

The Citadel is the perfect spot to watch a romantic and gorgeous sunset. The Citadel is located on top of the highest hill of Amman allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of the complete city. The colours in the sky, the soft warmth of the sun, and the cool breeze create a magical moment.

If you wish to explore other ancient sites of Amman, you can book a day or night tour that’ll take you to Citadel, Amman’s hilltop city, ancient museums, and art galleries. But watching the mellow sun with a view of the city’s skyline is undoubtedly one of the bets things to do in Amman.

a shop in Jara Shouk in Amman

The lively, crowded, and colourful bazaar of the capital meanders around Amman’s Roman ruins. All the household items are sold alongside perfumes, fruits, spices, clothes, not to mention, the delicious Jordanian cuisine. One can also visit the Souk Jara near Rainbow Street, held every friday. That’s also a flea market mainly selling handicrafts and traditional food.

Rainbow Street in Amman decorated with colourful umbrellas

If you see a road dotted with colourful pots, umbrellas, and cozy cafes, stop there, that’s Rainbow Street. The street is also lined with cinema halls and pubs, and this is the place where most of the youngsters of Amman hangout. One can also find many ice cream shops on the road that let you customize your ice cream the way you’ve never seen before. Rainbow Street is the best place to buy souvenirs, try the delicious street food, and meet young Jordanians.

people partying in a club in Amman

For a long long time, Amman was seen as a sleepy metropolis where everything stopped at 8 O’Clock or 9 O’Clock at night, but not any longer. The increasingly young population of Jordan has changed the image of Amman. The nightlife has drastically changed, as the sun goes down, you can see the nightclubs, discs, and shisha lounges buzzing with young people.

A room with a golden chandelier in Dukes Diwan in Amman

The oldest home in Amman, situated a few steps away from the lively souks of downtown, the Duke’s Diwan has its door permanently open for tourists and artists. Built in 1924, the house is now one of the most beautiful architectural heritage that reminds Jordanian people of Old Amman.

You can linger here for as long as you want, and the warm and friendly caretaker will invite you for a cup of tea to tell stories of the past. If you’re willing to climb the steep stairs, the most beautiful house in the city is waiting for you.

classic cars in Royal Automobile Museum in Amman

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re going to love the Royal Automobile Museum. There are over 70 classic motorbikes and cars from the collection of King Hussein, who was king of Jordan from 1956 to 1999.

horse riding in Amman

Ever imagined how exciting it will be to gallop through the untouched valleys of Amman? Experience the dreamlike and magical land of Jordan from the back of an Arab steed. It’s going to be an exciting experience to ride through the limestone canyons and gorges. And sleeping under the star-filled sky after a long horse ride is not a bad idea either. One can also go hiking in Amman.

If you’re ready to explore, there are a hundred other best things to do in Amman. Those who are on a slow & long journey can even explore the rolling hills of of Amman and get under its skin to find out the hidden treasures.


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Day Trips From Sydney: 7 Places To Visit When In The Heart Of Australia

Sydney maintained its identity for several years as one of the most iconic and amazing cities of Australia. Many consider this city as the cultural capital of the nation and all thanks to the highly recognizable sights which includes the eye-catching Sydney Opera House. A trip planned to explore Sydney will come up with the opportunities where you can get the scope to enjoy many day trips from Sydney. It is important for a travel freak to know about the best day trips from Sydney. Just scroll down to know about the Sydney day trips ideas.

The best part of these destinations is that you can cover them and get back to Sydney either on same day or in just a day’s time. If you are looking for weekend two-day trips from Sydney then there are many options for you as well:

1. Palm Beach- Ultimate panoramic coastal views

Palm Beach

Distance from Sydney: 44 km
Palm Beach should be a must to visit destination in your Australia travel package for its panoramic coastal views, bright and sunny weather and its infamous surf. It’s just a one hour drive from the Sydney’s CBD towards Northern beaches. It’s an ideal hotspot for relaxing beach day trips from Sydney. Enjoy the Pittwater kayaking Tour followed by cruising on the crystal waters. If you are searching for day trips from Sydney for seniors, this is a great option.
Places to see at Palm Beach: Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Worth Avenue, Lake Worth Inlet and Norton Museum of Art.

2. Hunter Valley- Australia’s prime wine-production region

Hunter Valley- Australia's prime wine-production region

Distance from Sydney: 130 km from South West of Sydney
Hunter is one of the notable regions for wine-production, having 150+ wineries in its possession. It’s a 2 hours drive from Sydney and you are here in the land of amazing wines which is known for offering the finest range of Shiraz and Semillon. If you are here for 2 days then stay at the beautiful Sebel Kirkton Park, which is one of the amazing country manor located overlooking the gardens and vineyards covering 70 acres of land.
Places to see at Hunter Valley: Wollemi National Parks, Hunter Valley Gardens and Tomaree National Park

3. The Blue Mountains -Nature’s Paradise

The Blue Mountains

Distance from Sydney: 62.4 Km Via M4
One of the best destinations for day trips from Sydney by train is the Blue Mountains, National Park. The park is given this name because of the blue haze which lies above the mountains. The haze appears due to the existence of some several thousands of eucalyptus plants which are releasing the scented oil very gently right into the air. The unspoiled wilderness of this park will make you feel mesmerized with its beauty.
Places to see at the Blue Mountains: Wentworth Falls, Three Sisters, Katoomba Scenic world and Mount Solitary

4. Wollongong & Kiama- The Picturesque coastal suburb:

Wollongong & Kiama- The Picturesque coastal suburb

Distance from Sydney: 90 Km from South of Sydney
The awe-inspiring view of the coastal suburb of Wollongong will surely make you feel blessed. Moving a few miles further to this you will reach Kiama. In case you still didn’t add these spots in your weekend destinations list, then do it on an immediate basis. When you will be driving through the Grand Pacific Drive, ensure to give a stop at the Sea Cliff Bridge to get the glimpse of the breathtaking view of this beautiful bridge and this coastline. This destination will be the perfect choice for day trips from Sydney for families.
Places to see at Wollongong & Kiama: Port Kembla beach, Nan Tien temple, Kiama Lighthouse, and Kiama Blowhole.

5. Kangaroo Valley- A perfect escape to nature:

Kangaroo Valley

Distance from Sydney: 156 km from Sydney CBD
It is another lovely destination which will surely attract the true lovers of awesome taste wines. You can visit the Yarrawa Estate Winery to taste the jams which are locally made. Gastronomic culture of this place gave it the name of Kangaroo Valley. Hampden Bridge’s Victorian architecture will surely impress you. A visit to the Flavors of the Valley Foodie Trail you will get the scope to learn different styles of Gourmet cooking in Australia. It is one of the romantic day trips from Sydney.
Places to see at Kangaroo Valley: Yarrawa Estate Winery and Hampden Bridge.

6. Stanwell Park- The spot of first box kite flight:

Stanwell Park

Distance from Sydney: 64 km from Sydney CBD
Stanwell Park is known for being the very first spot of box kite flight is now a hot destination for enjoying paragliding as well as the activity of hang gliding. The region is developed surrounding the Bald Hill. If you are looking to spend a casual date with your love then move to the Wodi Wodi walking track for excellent coastal views. Enjoy swimming in the golden beaches. It’s an Ideal choice for romantic day trips from Sydney.
Places to see at Stanwell Park: Stanwell Park beach, Illawarra Escarpment, and Stanwell Park beach reserve.

7. Mermaid Pools- The land of idyllic pools and springs

Mermaid Pools- The land of idyllic pools and springs

Distance from Sydney: 100 km from Sydney CBD.
The Mermaid Pools can be defined as a series of some idyllic pools as well as springs which are completely fed by the rivers arising from the famous Tahmoor Gorge deep located in the midst of the Australian bush. Reaching the spot it’s a true adventure as here you need to trek down the steppe rocks to arrive. The “See Through Pools” is the main highlight of this adventure trip. The formations of underwater rock here will completely impress you about nature’s mind-blowing creations. It is an amazing spot for day trips from Sydney in winter.
Places to see at Mermaid Pools: Mermaid Pools are the main attractions of this place

There are several other destinations which will be ideal for day trips from Sydney for seniors. If you have senior people in your family or group, then a weekend vacation in any of the beachside areas from Sydney can be a wonderful experience for all. Learn all you must know about the country as planning should be made in advance if you are visiting Australia, especially if it is this beautiful city.


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Catch A Glimpse Of Sagar’s 5 Best Experiences On His Phuket Getaway

The sun kissed beaches, the crystal clear blue waters and the clear skies with hues of blue make this destination a hot favourite amongst the couples to enjoy a honeymoon that will give them the ideal time to bond and fuel their love. Another reason to spend your honeymoon in Thailand is the affordable prices of the accommodation available and the happening nightlife that you can’t escape. Let us get to know from Sagar’s experiences on reasons to plan a Phuket Getaway on your next honeymoon trip.

It was my dream to travel to Thailand for my honeymoon and explore the stunning islands, especially Krabi. The beautiful marine life and the white sand beaches are too surreal and made me fall in love all over again.

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Trip Duration: 7 Days
Trip Cost: INR 1,50,500
Inclusions: Breakfast, Sightseeing, Airfare, Cab, Airport Transfer
Exclusions: Visa

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Four Island-tour
Day 3: Exploring Krabi Village
Day 4-5: Phuket & Phi Phi Island Tour

Here are some of the top experiences that you can indulge in while on your Phuket getaway trip in Thailand.

1. Stay At Aonang Cliff Resort

stay at Aonang Cliff Resort

perfect resort for staycation

having breakfast in resort

playing pool in resort

room in resort

enjoying in the pool

airplane pic

excited about our vacation

The first attraction was our hotel at Krabi Aonang cliff resort, My choice was perfect for this, they have one infinity pool. The view from the pool was mind-blowing. The resort overlooks the majestic limestone cliffs and the pristine Andaman Sea. It features 172 spacious rooms and 6 private pool villas amidst the hilltop. You can unwind by the infinity pool or spend your leisurely hours getting pampered in the spa.

2. Exploring Krabi

spent perfect moment with wife

turquoise waters

stunning moment

We had this day for us as we explored Krabi village and indulged in the Aroma Full body massage that literally sent me to heaven. The stunning backdrop of the sunset view against the turquoise waters make for a perfect intimate moment to be shared with your spouse that rekindle your romance and make you fall in love all over again.

3. Four Island Trip

speed boat arrived at beach

Relaxing the white sandy

arrived at four island

We had our pick up from Hotel to Krabi 4 Island by SpeedBoat or Longtail Boat and arrived at the island followed by a four island tour – Pranang Cave – Visit to learn the history which is the sacred image for the local people. Tub Island – Relaxing the white sandy linkage between Tap Island and Chicken Island at low tide. Chicken Island – Enjoy swimming & snorkeling among coral reef and FishesPoda Island – Relax for sunbathing.

4. Snorkelling At Phi Phi Island

fun time on island

in a paradise island

Snorkeling at phi phi island- I must say you should try this once in life with the crystal clear water. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, stunning scenery with beautiful beaches and bays, a paradise for snorkelling and swimming.

5. Thai food

exploring the city at night

shopping stores

had an amazing time while exploring

had a perfect time while shopping

We had green thai curry on our 4 island tour, the curry was authentic and absolutely delicious. The Taste still lingers in my mouth and I would recommend everyone to try the Thai curry.

1. If you are clueless, let travel triangle plan your trip as they are the best.
2. Don’t over analyse or think about the safety in thailand, the country is beautiful and safe without a doubt.
3. Carry less luggage. (Only essentials)
4. Definitely try Thai curries, they taste amazing.

1. Do not carry more bags with you.
2. If you like to live amidst nature then don’t choose phuket. ( Go for Krabi).

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as swimming and boating. The six months between May and October is monsoon season, and although accommodation prices are much lower this time of year, the water conditions can be dangerous.

My experience with TravelTriangle was very good and it matched with our expectations. We got the best agent from traveltriangle, he was very good at giving us a beat trip as per our choice. ( I will suggest to choose this agent on traveltriangle.
I am looking forward to more trips with them.

Live the exotic island life and fulfill your fantasy of spending a honeymoon with your significant other amidst the turquoise waters and the white sand beaches just like Sagar and his wife on their romantic Phuket getaway. Book your trip to Thailand and enjoy the surreal sea, breathtaking sunsets and white sand in your toes in thailand right away! Make sure you include these experiences and tell us about your trip later.

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Perfect Family Bonding On A 9 Day Trip To Sri Lanka

Kanika Saxena talks about her family trip to Sri Lanka and tells us why it is an amazing destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones. She booked her 8 Nights 9 Days Sri Lanka package from TravelTriangle and it included their hotel, sightseeing, breakfast, and transfers – all for a cost of  INR 135449. Let us go through her journey.

I did not get enough time to spend with my parents (corporate life) so when I finally started planning for a trip to Sri Lanka, I was more than happy to take it with my family. A holiday that would grant us peace and serenity and would take us away from all the hustle and bustle.

Kanika amidst nature in Sri Lanka

I already knew about TravelTriangle thanks to Facebook and decided to book our package through them. My reason for choosing TravelTriangle was that they offered us customization and competitive quotes, something which no other website did.

So, after filling in my details on their website, I was soon contacted by their travel representative who took in my requirements and connected me to relevant travel agents on board. The whole process of customization and choosing my package after this was an easy affair and I soon booked our package to Sri Lanka.

Checklist for Sri Lanka

  • Carry Sunscreen
  • Keep all your documents in a secure place for convenience
  • Read a do’s and dont’s list before you take the vacation
  • Carry a great camera or a smartphone with a great camera for you would want to capture the mesmerizing sights you see.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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Day 1: Arrival in Colombo- an exciting start of our journey

The amazing sea facing hotel booked by Kanika

We took our flight from Delhi and after a long journey reached Colombo. Excited and happy, we met the agent’s representative at the airport who took us to a nice restaurant for food, and then all the way to Bentota.

“The Sri Lankan food was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal”.

Kanikas name in the sand on a beach in Sri Lanka

Our hotel in Bentota was a sea-facing one and I loved the amazing view from here.

Post dinner, we all settled down in our rooms and were soon asleep in the background of the rolling sea waves!

Day 2: Watersports with some adventure in Bentota

Kanika and her family doing boat ride in Bentota

We woke up early this morning and were ecstatic to witness the grand ocean and amazing weather! And so after spending some time at the beach, we proceeded for a delicious breakfast at the hotel. After getting ready, we soon left for our day’s adventure in Bentota.

Bentota was the hub of all water activities and we enjoyed many here like jet ski, banana boat ride, and speed boat ride. It was a thrilling experience and all of us had a blast doing them!

Kanikas family on a beach in Yala

Out of all the water activities that we did, the best one was the “Boat safari” since during this one, we passed through a Mangrove forest! With trees and lush greenery all around, it was a very soothing yet exciting experience for us.

Post this, we indulged in some photography and then proceeded for lunch.

Kanikas mother with a baby crocodile on her shoulder

Later resuming our adventure, we went on to see many reptiles like monitor lizards and got our pictures clicked with baby crocodiles. It was electrifying!

Bentota was a nature and wildlife lover’s delight!

Later, we headed back to our resort to catch the mesmerizing sunset by the ocean.

Day 3: Turtle hatchery and journey to Yala

Kanika and her father with a turtle

This day we set off to visit the turtle hatchery and it was an interesting and adorable experience. We learnt a lot about the lives of turtles here and my family and I even got a picture clicked with a baby turtle.

The guide there also showed us a hundred-year-old turtle and it was fascinating to see such an old creature going about its business in a calm and peaceful manner!

Huge lighthouse in Columbo

Thereafter, we proceeded to check out the famous Dutch Fort in Galle, where me and my dad got ourselves clicked with a Python around our necks!

Kanikas father with a snake in Bentota

Next was lunch, post which we proceeded for Yala. We reached our destination on time and checked into our resort which was once again, a beautiful one. It had tree houses, a grand swimming, and an overall exotic vibe to it.

We soaked in the beauty of the resort for a while and then called it a night.

Day 4: The Nuwara Eliya hill station

Monster lizard in Yala

As decided, we woke up early in the morning, got ready, and reached Yala National Park. Although we were supposed to see big animals like leapords, elephants, and more here but we could not spot them (hard luck!)

However, we did spot some amazing creatures like alligators, huge monitor lizards, and the national bird of Sri Lanka. It was still amazing!

Panoramic view of Nuwara Eliya

Another good thing about spending time in the park was that even though it was extremely hot, we could still enjoy sightseeing comfortably. Also, the whole park was well maintained and clean. We were really impressed!

We stayed in the park for a few hours and then returned to our resort by 11 AM. By this time, we were all really hungry and requested the hotel for some breakfast. It was delivered promptly.

Amazing strawberry farm in Negombo

Post the breakfast, we packed up our things and got ready for our next stop – Nuwara Eliya hill station.

On our way to the hill station, we stopped by to see waterfalls on the way and I loved them since I could capture their pristine beauty through the lens of my camera.

The famous Seetha Aman temple in Sri Lanka

Apart from the waterfalls, we also visited Seetha Amman Temple which is believed to be the place where Sita was kept when she was abducted by Ravana in Ashok Vatika. We took blessings from this temple and even saw the footprints of Lord Hanuman here.

Footprints of Hanumanji in Sri Lankan temple

Later on our way, our guide cum driver told us about Sri Lankan cuisine and even made us try some Sri Lankan fruits.

In the evening, on our way, we visited a tea factory and found out about how tea is processed. There was also a restaurant nearby and we tried the Sri lankan tea here. It was quite good but for Indian masala chai addicts like me, it was a bit of a disappointment.

The beauty of Kandy in Sri Lanka

Tired but happy, we finally reached our hotel in Nuwara Eliya which was once again incredible.

Day 5: Kandy – lost in the spirituality of Kandy!

Tasty bananas of Sri Lanka

After a hearty breakfast, we went out to explore the city of Kandy. On our way, we immersed ourselves in the surreal beauty of the Victoria lake nestled in layers and layers of green hills. On checking in to our hotel in Kandy, we set out to witness the Sri Lanka’s traditional folk dance. We passed by the Kandy Lake, whose beauty was magnified when when the moon shone over it. It was a larger than life experience and captivated us completely.

We thoroughly enjoyed the cultural dance show of Sri Lanka and were entertained by the amazing skills and bright, colourful costumes of the dancers.

The amazing tooth relic temple in Sri Lanka

Next on our list was a pilgrimage site – a Buddhist temple situated near the lake which featured the tooth of Lord Buddha. Just like Hindu temples, this temple also had a long queue for catching a glimpse of the pious tooth.

There is a strong belief that visiting this holy place creates a good fortune in a person’s life and we were more than happy to spend time at this divine place.

Afterward, we went on to explore some of the shops in Kandy which are famous for their gems. We found out a lot about the gems here and how they were found and why they are so popular in Sri Lanka.

We went to a store here called the Hemachandra’s gem store which had good quality gems at fair prices and my mother bought a few pieces of jewelry from here.

Sri Lankan wedding at the hotel

Later on, we were also lucky to witness a Sri Lankan wedding at the hotel itself and got an in-depth glimpse of the culture in Sri Lanka. This wedding was similar to a Christian wedding but was complimented by glittery and bright attires.

We then proceeded to our next destination – Sigiriya and reached there in 2 hours. Our resort here was in a jungle kind of an area and had amazing natural vibes to it.

Day 6: Exploring Sigiriya and Elephant orphanage in Habarana

Famous Sigiriya rock in Sri Lanka

We were pretty excited to visit Dambulla cave temple and Sigiriya rock this day, so post the breakfast at the resort we reached the Sigiriya rock. This is a huge rock which we could climb via stairs. It wasn’t easy though since there were more than 1200 footsteps and by the time we reached on top, we were huffing and puffing.

Once on top, we could see the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka and could enjoy the panoramic views from here. There was a Buddha statue on one side and a lake on the other – and it looked amazing.

The majestic Sigiriya rock

Next on our list was the Dambulla cave temple but due to some miscommunication with the guide, we were not able to make it.

Nonetheless, we recovered from the situation and proceeded on to our next destination – Habarana!

Cute elephants in the orphanage in Sri Lanka

We went to an elephant orphanage here and it was one of the best experiences – to look at the adorable baby elephants.

We had a lot of fun witnessing their hilarious activities – baby elephants shaking their heads adorably, stealing food from their partners, spraying water and pulling each other by the tail! We all had a good laugh at their naughty pranks and loved the fact that they were truly happy and carefree in this place.

Elephants at the orphanage in Sri Lanka

We stayed here till evening post which we went back to our hotel in Sigiriya and had a great overnight stay.

Day 7: Shopping in Colombo!

Independence memorial hall in Colombo

After vacating our resort room in Sigiriya, we were now all set to have an amazing shopping experience in Colombo. Upon our arrival in Colombo, we were excited to see the great buildings here like the parliament house.

Later, we went to the House of Fashion mall for some shopping, but left too soon, disappointed. However, after a lot of hunting, we finally came across a handicraft store and bought tonnes of handicraft items, clothing pieces, and souvenirs from here. Run by women as a self help center, this was a nice store that offered us great deals and quality products.

Day 8: Negombo- My most awaited destination

My hotel at Negombo

Usually, it happens that the excitement level starts dropping as you proceed towards the last day of your journey, but with me, it was quite the opposite since I was charged up to see the beautiful Negombo beach.

Post the breakfast, we left for our destination in the morning and reached there in the evening. The sun was about to set so I left all my stuff at the reception with my parents and ran to the beach since I couldn’t afford to miss the sunset.

Beautiful sunset in Negombo

In the end, I managed to capture the beautiful sunset and it was one of the best I had ever seen. Post this, we returned to our hotel which was again a grand and exotic one.

We rejuvenated ourselves here by spending some time at the pool post which we went for dinner. Later on, my father and I also went for a refreshing walk on the beach where the sea snatched away my slippers!

After various failed attempts at grabbing it back, we returned to the room, laughing. We settled in for a refreshing sleep and called off the day.

Day 9: Taking leave from Sri Lanka

Amazing sunset in Sri Lanka

We bid farewell to the amazing resort and beautiful beach of Negombo and, of course, to Sri Lanka! We left for the airport at around 6 in the morning to catch our flight to India scheduled at 8.

Sri Lanka offered us a very peaceful and calming experience that was complimented by beautiful resorts and properties. The natural and cultural charm of this place was amazing and in the end, it gave us a perfect escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Spending time in this beautiful country with my parents was a cherishable experience and I am happy that this destination brought smiles to our faces.

Kanika and her family doing water sports in Sri Lanka

High Points: Negombo beach, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Yala National Park, Sri Lankan food, shopping in Colombo, sea-facing hotel, and exotic resorts among others.

Low Points: We missed the Dambulla cave temple because of some miscommunication with the guide. It is supposed to be a must visit place in Sri Lanka!

Tips for the travelers:

  • One should definitely try the local Sri Lankan cuisines and fruits.
  • Many people tend to skip Negombo but I highly recommend to include it in your itinerary and go dolphin spotting, apart from relaxing on the mesmerizing, laid back beach.
  • If you have to buy gems, explore Hemachandra’s store in Kandy- it is govt. Certified and deals with accurate prices.

Admire Sri Lanka, the Emerald of the South. Enjoy the charming tranquility and humble ambience of Sri Lanka. Book your package to Sri Lanka now!


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10 Best Spots For Camping Near Pune On A Budget

Living in a bustling city like Pune can sometimes be tiring and we just need a quick escape. There are plenty of awesome options around but what to do when you have just INR 2000 – 4000 to spend? Go camping! I mean why dig a hole in the pocket to stay in a 5-star resort for a weekend getaway from Pune, when you can stay under a million shining stars?

So, here’s a list of some refreshing places for camping near Pune.

Road to Velhe Village

Distance from Pune: 46 km (1 hour and 45 minutes)

Take a break and relax in Velhe, and gaze at the twinkling stars while night camping near Pune. After the hustle and bustle of a busy settlement like Pune, unwinding close to nature in a quiet hamlet turns out to be a fuel to the soul.

Key attractions: Trek to Torna Fort

Things to do: Playing games like football, handball, & cricket, archery, tent pitching, and campfire

Estimated cost: INR 2000 – 3000 per day

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Railway line in Western Ghats region

Distance from Pune city center: 54 km (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Camping in Bhor technically is camping in Pune, as this place is a part of Pune district. Breathe fresh air and feel the breeze tickle your skin as you rejuvenate away from city chaos. This enchanting location has also been featured in many movies like Chalte Chalte, Khakee, Mangal Pandey, along with many Marathi TV soaps.

Things to do: Photography, bonfire, kayaking, skywalk, zorbing, ziplining, cricket, football, volleyball, trekking, and BBQ

Key attractions: Bhatnagar Dam, Kalubai Mandir, and Bhatnagar Dam

Estimated cost: INR 2000 – 5000 per day

Camping resort in Bhor: Teakwood Camping

Highway in Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 66.5 km (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Lonavala always comes as a savior when we think of a perfect place for camping near Pune. Being a bigger canvas for the adrenaline junkies, Lonavla is at a convenient distance from Pune but actually does look a world apart. Amidst rich forest covers, seclusion, and glistening lakes, you feel you’re in nature’s lap. And what’s more, it is one of the most sought-after destination for adventure sports in Pune and its precincts.

Things to do: BBQ dinner, bonfire, waterfall rappelling, trekking, and flying fox

Key attractions: Karla Caves, Lion’s Point, Lohagad Fort, and Bhaja Caves

Estimated cost: INR 1500 – 3500 per day

Camping resorts in Lonavala: Letscampout and Rusticville Camping Ground

Lovely landscape of Khopoli

Distance from Pune: 80 km (1 hour and 40 minutes)

Thinking of night camping near Pune? Keep Khopoli at the top of your priority list if you’re in search of a tranquil spot right in nature’s lap. Khopoli has secluded spots as well as settlement areas – a combination that makes it a perfect camping destination near Pune.

Also known as the City of Waterfalls, Khopoli will amaze you with the abundance of nature’s charm and various options of activities that you can indulge in.

Things to do: Hiking, barbecue, interactions with locals, campfire, nature walk, and photography

Key attraction: Zenith Waterfall

Estimated cost: INR 2000 – 3000 per day

Serene mountainscape of Panchgani - one of the best camping sites near Pune

Distance from Pune: 99 km (2 hours and 15 minutes)

One of the most popular camping places near Pune, Panchgani greets with misty cliffs and verdant rolling hills. During the summer months, this lush green region is enveloped in hues of red as strawberry farms are in full bloom. This is the time you can attend Strawberry Festival here. And because of its proximity to the city, it is also one of the popular picnic spots near Pune.

Things to do: Rock climbing, zip lining, waterfall rappelling, trekking, cycling, shopping, and photography

Key attractions: Sydney Point, Parsi Point, Table Land, and Lingmala Waterfall

Estimated cost: INR 2000 – 4000 per day

Camping resorts in Panchgani: Eco Camp, Krishna River Camp, and Terra Camp Resort

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

 Colorful flowers in Kaas Plateau

Distance from Pune: 136 km (3 hours and 30 minutes)

Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers, Kaas is nothing less than heaven on earth! An ideal place for camping near Pune, it is home to over 850 species of flowers, and plenty of moderately challenging trekking trails. Largely unexplored, Kaas is slowly becoming a preferred weekend getaway from Mumbai as well as Pune.

Many trekking groups in Pune make their way to this hideout between September & November and spend the night camping. You can pitch your own tent or check into a camp resort.

Things to do: Trekking, photography, and sightseeing

Key attractions: Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar Falls, Chalkewadi Windmills, and Sajjangarh Fort

Estimated cost: INR 1500 – 2500 per day

Camping resorts in Kaas: Kaas Holiday Resort

Lakeside camping in Bhandardara

Distance from Pune: 161 km (4 hours and 30 minutes)

When the sun shines on blue waters of Bhandardara reservoir and green hillocks gets kissed by clouds, you know you’ve found your paradise for camping around Pune. The campsite overlooks the lake, and when the water level is high, the campsite looks as though it’s on an island.

Things to do: Angling, photography, birdwatching, campfire and BBQ dinner

Key attractions: Bhandardara Dam, Umbrella Waterfall, Randhaa Waterfalls, Harishchandragad and Ratangad Fort

Estimated cost: INR 1000 – 2000 per day

Camping resorts in Bhandardara: Get Set Camp

Bandcamp in Uttan

Distance from Pune: 180 km (3 hours and 50 minutes)

A quaint little coastal town near Mumbai, Uttan has a picture-perfect dream-like vibe that makes it an ideal place for camping around Pune. It has some delightful properties that provide almost everything you need to escape the monotonous city life. Come here to enjoy the playful shoreline, savor delicious food, explore untouched culture, and engage in a lot more.

If you’re looking for camping resorts near Pune for one day trip Uttan will give you many brilliant options to choose from, that too in budget.

Things to do: Nature and heritage walks, sumo wrestling, zorbing, paintball, archery, valley crossing, barbecue night, attend band performances (specific days), board games and swimming.

Estimated cost: INR 2500 – 5000 per day

Camping resorts in Uttan: BandCamp

Camping in Murud

Distance from Pune: 207 km (5 hours and 10 minutes)

A tranquil fishing hamlet, Murud is yet another gem for camping with family and friends. Spending leisure time here works much like a therapy for the soul. The waves gambol and the bonfire flickers while you strum your guitar and sing along with the squad; no wonder that’s pure travel goal!

Things to do: Cycling, volleyball, trekking, barbecue, and swimming

Estimated cost: INR 2250 to 4000 per day

Camping resorts in Murud: Wanderlust Campground

A local taking a stroll on Bordi Beach

Distance from Pune: 281 km (5 hours and 20 minutes)

For those wanting to rejuvenate in a non-touristy place, Bordi Beach is perfect for night camping near Pune. Befriend friendly locals – mostly tribals – in the hamlet and spend the night away partying out loud, or gazing at the stars. The glistening sea waves and sapodilla orchards add on to an unforgettable experience.

Things to do: Village visit, learn to make Warli painting, market stroll, cycling, cheeko orchard visit, beach stroll, photography, bonfire, and picnic at Aswali Dam

Key attraction: Aswali Dam and Kalpataru Botanical Gardens

Estimated cost: INR 3000 – 4000 per day

We agree that these camping sites near Pune are filling you with wanderlust already. Which other camping resorts near Pune do you also want to be on the list?


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Honeymoon In Berlin: 10 Things To Do For Experiencing The Best Of Romance & Bliss

A honeymoon is the perfect time to be with your partner and enjoy your time. This is time with loads of memories to make. But often deciding a destination for your perfect honeymoon could be difficult. People want beautiful yet different destination for spending time together. This combination is available in Berlin. It provides you ample options to get cosy with your partner and make lasting memories.

While one might just visit the tourist attractions in Berlin, there are a lot more things to indulge in. Here is a list of top romantic things.

1. Dinner with a music concert

Dinner with a music concert

Spending time on the dinner table with heavenly music pieces would surely make the atmosphere more romantic. You can find such a setting near the Charlottenburg palace. You can also visit the palace in the daytime and indulge in the proper 3 course meal. After that you could enjoy the interesting music by engaging in the concert in the palace. You would love your date in here.

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2. Engage in a spa

Engage in a spa

When the spa is a single and individual thing to do it may not arouse closeness. But when you are in Germany and you are here for your honeymoon, you must visit the liquidation spa for the fantastic experience. It is a spa specially curated for the couples. The perfect ambiance, light setting, warm saltwater, underwater music and much more gets you the perfect serene time to be with your partner. Along with the rejuvenation it gives you a number of reason to come closer.

3. Spandau’s little Venice

lake view

It is a place to experience total serenity away from the hustle of the city. It is located in the neighborhood of Berlin. One can use the local transport to reach in here. The place’s location makes it a complete getaway destination for couples to spend their time. The place is filled with meadows and canals wherein you could arrange for a canoe and move around the shallow waters of the river Havel. The lush greenery, natural setting provides a perfect place for couples to get closer and cosy with each other.

4. Watching movies together

Watching movies together

This is a highlight of this city’s attractions due to the possibility of open-air cinema. One can easily grab a seat if you reach early, pick up a bottle of wine or beer and sink in the mood of watching a movie under the moonlight. The owners make the perfect setting by starting the movie Kate so it ends late. One must bear this important thing in mind to not set any plans after that.

5. Stroll around

Stroll around

The best part of being together in a new city is that nobody knows you and you don’t know them either. So one can easily stroll around the beautiful city with your partner on a bike. They get you bikes for rental to move wherever you want. You could click pictures in the Photoautomaten in various poses. This is a photo booth with wide posing areas.

6. Dance it out


Dancing with your loved one is a memory to make. The varying poses, the sync that happens is all the more fun thing to do and romantic as well. There is a place named clarchen’s ballhaus which provides live dance and music. The surprise is that you could find and learn a dance style depending on which night you stop by the place. You could then enjoy the delicious food in plenty of good restaurants available nearby.

7. Visit romantic places


The city adorns multiple places visited eagerly by couples to spend their dear time. One of them is the rose garden at HumboldtHain which remains open only in the summers when the flowers are in full bloom. The other areas to visit and engage in beautiful quiet settings is the the mauer park hill. One can watch the beautiful sunset while chatting with your loved one. It is a place to relax and enjoy the company of your special one. Another place to experience the same romantic moments is in the tempelhof airfield area.

8. Experience the nightlife and have fun

Experience the nightlife and have fun

Berlin sports the most extraordinary nightlife. One can visit the interesting clubs like tresor and berghain to enjoy scintillating electronic music. There are ample cafes to scourge for good food and booze up. One can dance the night in the best clubs of the city. The cheerful crowd will pump your mood and get you crazy. Overall you will have fun time with your partner.

9. Jump off with your partner

people enjoying

This is for the adventure lovers. One can take the base flying through the park inn hotel. The partners can jump off the famous TV tower from a height of 125 mtr building. It is like realising the importance of life and being in air with your special one. It could add the fun element and test your trust factors too. This activity is quite different from the cosy, romantic and comfortable things to do in Berlin.

10. Tour packages


It could be the best thing to do and expect for the surprises. There are your operators in Berlin which engage private tours for the couples. This ensures complete privacy and a sneak peek to German ideas for a honeymoon. The places, experiences and the feeling of getting surprises with every next thing can lift up your spirits.

Now, you know exactly where to spend your honeymoon for memories that you two will cherish forever! So, customize a trip to Germany and get cozy with your partner.


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10 Cafes In Kolkata Where You Can Spend a Fine Evening

Do you love taking cute and quirky photos of cafes for your Insta handle? Are you a fan of coffee and cafe food? Well, don’t we all love that! There are some cafes in Kolkata that are just right for your food + insta posts. Here are some of the best cafes in Kolkata where you can spend some time with your friends over a cup of coffee or a delicious bite of a sandwich while enjoying good music.

If you’re in Kolkata and looking for the best places to sit and satiate your food cravings, then these 10 cafes must be the first on your list.

1. Sienna Cafe, Kolkata

Sienna Cafe kb6592

This quaint cafe in Southern Avenue has some of the most coolest decor. Everything that they serve on the menu, including the breads, are homemade! Don’t miss out on their delicious coffee. They also have some other exciting and unique items on their menu like spiced Hot Chocolate, Avocado Tortilla Salad and an amazing Dark chocolate and Mandarin Orange Marble cake! One of the best cafes in Kolkata.

Price for two: Rs 500

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FotoJetcover cafes in kol

An iconic and almost cult TV show of the 90’s, FRIENDS is still a popular sitcom many years later. To celebrate the lives of six friends and their experiences, a 19-year-old opened a FRIENDS themed cafe! They bought friends memorabilia from different parts of the country. That is including Joey’s ugly dog statue, the orange sofa, the purple door of Monica and Rachel’s apartment and Phoebe’s pink bicycle among many other things. This is One of the best cafes in Kolkata. One of the best coffee shops in Kolkata.

Price for two: Rs 900 for two

3. Paris Cafe, Kolkata

paris cafe kolkata kb6592

Opened by a young Cordon Bleu chef, Paris Cafe seems to get the right essence of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 hit “C’est Si bon”! Once you’re inside, you will see decor that’s matched up to the T with French elegance. Monotone colours, satin and lace on tables, fashionably designed take away boxes, sparkling droplets of chandelier! This cafe is totally Insta-worthy! The menu is also full of Parisian flavours. Try the classic Mozzarella and Pesto (Rs.180) and Mushroom Crepe with Cream Sauce (Rs.160).

Price for two: Rs 800

4. Cafe ICanFlyy

Cafe ICanFlyy kb6592

This cute cafe run by special needs staff is stocked with many games and books to keep your entertained! The classic brick walls have lot of quotes which are just perfect for Instagram! Binge on BBQ Spicy Chicken Poppers, Cheese Pots and Chicken Cheese Maggi.

Price for two: Rs 500

5. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House kb6592

You can never go wrong here at the Indian Coffee House which is one of the best coffee shops in Kolkata! The nostalgic feel of the place with classic old-style decor; no one serves better coffee than these guys. This College Street haunt, still remains a favourite with many. Grab a hot cuppa along with some yum cutlets and your evening is made!

Price for two: Rs 200

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. 8th Day Cafe and Bakery

8th Day Cafe and Bakery kb6592

If you want freshly brewed coffee and some delicious food, this is the place to go. They have a great collection of books to keep you entertained. If you’re here with some friends, you can enjoy their board games as well. They have some great teas too, for all you tea people!

Price for two: Rs 600

7. Mrs. Magpie

Mrs. Magpie kb6592

If bright colours and chic decor is your thing, then go to Mrs. Magpie. An Instagrammers dream, this cute cafe with fairy tale decor and yummy cupcakes are to die for! They have some great wall art as well. The staff members are extremely friendly. This is a great place to unwind after a stressful day.

Price for two: Rs 500

8. To Die For

To Die For kb6582

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Explore this lovely cafe which has the most beautifully plated “Masterchef” like desserts in town. The food here is literally “To Die for”! Try the Dark chocolate mousse, which is just divine.The mousse is light and airy , with a ganache covering it. Atop the dish is a chocolate biscuit.

Price for two: Rs 1000

9. Cafe Ekante

Cafe Ekante kb6592

This is a unique floating cafe at Eco-park, which makes you feel as if you’re on a boat. It’s definitely an Instagrammers dream. They serve some authentic Bengali food. Try their Posto Bora, Prawn Cutlet and Fulkofir Roast. There’s a thrilling boat ride to reach the cafe! Cafe Ekante is definitely a must-visit.

Price for two: Rs 800

10. Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969 kb6592

If you love classic rock and the likes of Bryan Adams, Beatles, Nirvana; then you will love this Woodstock themed cafe. The rustic door, dim lights and posters of famous albums by classic rockstars adorn the walls of this cafe. You can even buy the posters! Do try their Butter Beer, Crispy Chicken, Hot Chocolate.

Price for two: 600

Have you been to any of these instrammable cafes in Kolkata? Let us know how was your experience.


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Nusa Islands: A Pocket Guide To Explore This Glorious Island In 2019

The Nusa islands off the bank of Bali in Indonesia are actually what you’re searching for on the off chance that you need the excellence of Balinese culture however wish it came without the masses. Found only 30 minutes by ferry from Bali’s Sanur, this is how individuals say Bali resembled 30 years back.

There are three Nusa islands: Ceningan, Lembongan, and Penida. ‘Nusa Lembongan’ is the nearest to Bali and the most famous, trailed by the littlest; Ceningan, and afterward the greatest and minimum well known; Nusa Penida Island.

The vast majority simply fly over to the Nusa islands, Indonesia for a couple of days and just tour Penida. We trust this guide persuades you to turn around that, investing more time in Penida and reconnoitering this wonderful, mysterious island, the just a single of the three that genuinely feels like a calmer Bali. We recommend you to plan your trip to the Nusa Islands not less than a week and here is a Nusa Islands guide to help you out.

Best Time To Visit Nusa Islands

You’re there to unwind, have a great time in the sun, and perhaps shake another tan when you get back. What could be more terrible than being stuck in your room throughout the day on the grounds that the climate is being uncooperative? Fuss not, we list the two noteworthy seasons you should look out for to benefit from your time on Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan, and Penida.

There are two times in the year when you can visit Nusa Islands. During wet season it is recommended from October to April and in the dry season from May to September. During January and February, Nusa Islands receives heavy rainfall, so this time of the year is not at all recommended.

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Since both Lembongan and Ceningan are so little, it’s truly simple to drive around every and explore through the greater part of the sights in only a day. For simplicity, it may bode well to simply remain on Lembongan, lease a motorbike promptly from the port or your convenience, and ride around to see the following sights.

1. The Sand

The Sand

If you are wondering about things to do in Nusa Islands then The Sand is a must visit place. After crossing the yellow bridge and turning right, you’ll see beautiful, perfectly clear water and a few shoreline bars along the beach. This particular bar, the Sand, is incredible for lunch or a beverage finish with paper straws rather than plastic and the loungers over the water.

2. The Mangroves

The Mangroves

Heading to the highest point of the island, you’ll arrive at the stopping point where you’ll see signs for mangrove visits. There you will be offered boating across the mangroves and snorkeling for about 100k Rupiah. It is one of the best experiences to enjoy at Nusa Islands.

3. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

Around a 10-minute drive, from the Sand, you’ll notice symbols for the Blue Lagoon to your left side. The water at this tidal pond is a shade of baby blue you would have never observed. It’s difficult to accept until the point that you see it with your very own eyes! And believe us it is spectacular!

4. Mahana Point Cliff Jump

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

Directly over the route from the Blue Lagoon,’ you’ll see signboards for the Mahana Point eatery and cliff jump. The eatery has two platforms for cliff jump: a lower one for 25k and an upper one for 50k. It’s likewise the passageway for outstanding amongst other surf spots on the island and perfect viewpoints of Bali’s Mt. Agung. If you love adventures, then you should definitely take the plunge.

5. Devils Tear And Tide Pools

Devils Tear And Tide Pools

The Devil’s tear got its name because of the shower when the waves crash up against the faces. It’s amazing at the golden hour if it’s high tide, however the tide pools to one side of it are ideal for dusk regardless of what the tide. This is one of the best places to visit in Nusa Islands. Simply be cautious around the precipice edges here. The waves are erratic and can sprinkle up whenever.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida Island

You can reach Nusa Penida either by taking an open ship from the Yellow Bridge, which departs when full and expenses around 50,000 IDR per individual, or from the mangroves to sort out a private ferry for 400,000 IDR. The private ferry is decent in light of the fact that it’s easier to get dropped off at a zone of your decision and you don’t need to look out for the watercraft to top off.

Once on Penida, rent a motorbike for around 70,000 Rupiah/day. The streets on Nusa Penida can be dubious in a few spots. They are steep and rough and in the event that you’ve never driven a motorbike, you may discover them somewhat frightening. It’s likewise conceivable to contract a driver and a vehicle simply ask at your lodging house or at the port. While going through the island, it’s a smart thought to wear sneakers rather than beach sndals. Nusa Penida is significantly increasingly rough and less populated and has much more cliffs and abrupt stairways. It’s everything part of the adventure!

There may be various places around the island but knowing about some of them beforehand will help you plan your vacation in a hassle-free manner. Read on to know more!

1. Nusa Lembongan Island: Poh Manis

Nusa Lembongan Island

Poh Manis, with a stunning pool situated at a cliff edge, gives you perfect location you require to discover the sun setting between the slopes throwing the region around the manor in a warm brilliant gleam. It’s the place to catch your trendy personal pool shot. Enjoy your stay!

Location: Ancak Village, Lembongan Island

2. Nusa Ceningan Island: Le Pirate Beach Club

Nusa Ceningan Island

Especially appropriate for groups, the shoreline club additionally has a beautiful pool ideal adjacent to the ocean, where you can get probably the best perspectives in the zone. Have an amazing time staying at this property.

Location: Jl. Nusa Ceningan, Jembrana

3. Nusa Penida Island: Agung View Villa

Agung View Villa

The roomy and open idea gives you an incredible perspective of the sea from various parts of the estate; regardless of where you are, Penida’s excellence will encompass you. The villas are pretty comfortable and amazing to stay at.

Location: Nusa Penida, Bali

Nusa Lembongan is the first step for your Nusa islands trip. You can either arrive from Bali or Lombok. There is only one quick watercraft organization working out of Lombok’s Senggigi, ‘Scoot’, however, there are more alternatives from the Gili islands in which case the cost is progressively debatable. If you are planning to reach Nusa Islands from Bali’s Sanur, You have the accompanying choices:

1. A Local Unhurried Ferry

A Local Unhurried Ferry

This one leaves Sanur coast at around 8 am, however, open watercraft in Indonesia generally leave when full and costs from 60,000 to 100,000 Rupiah. The adventure takes around an hour to ninety minutes and is the minimum pleasant and safe choice. Enjoy while you sail.

2. Perama Local Ferry

Perama Local Ferry

Leaves the shores of Sanur at 10:30 and costs 150,000 Rupiah and furthermore takes around an hour, however, on a marginally bigger and progressively delightful boat. Have a great time on the ferry and enjoy the experience.

3. Quick Ferry

Quick Ferry

As the name suggests, it is a faster way of transport. A quick ferry with four every day leavings which incorporates pickup at your settlement, a more secure and quicker boat, and a faster voyage of around 30 minutes. The expense is a lot higher, in any case, at 250k-300k Rupiah. The alternatives are either Scoot or Rocky Fast Cruise.

So now you’re prepared to have a great time in Nusa Ceningan, Lembongan, and Penida! Which island would you need to investigate the most? You can also visit Nusa Dua Islands and make the most of your trip to Indonesia. Time to call up friends, book your tickets, and pack your bags!

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8 Places To Visit In Georgetown That Make Penang A Jewel In Malaysia’s Crown

Tucked in on the eastern edge of the island of Penang in Malaysia, George Town is one of the most intriguing melting pots of culture to be found in Southeast Asia. The panoramic diversity can be seen in abundance in the colonial architecture and deep-rooted Asian history and traditions. Settled by the Britishers more than 200 years ago along with Singapore and Malacca, George Town has long lived in the shadows of its more glittery and famed counterparts scattered all over Asia.

The places to visit in Georgetown listed below provide a unique insight into the delectable Chinese history that over time mingled with British colonial prowess, and then ultimately a warm-hearted Malaysian cultural embrace. After a small glance at the Georgetown tourist map, travelers can ascertain how this place made its journey from a humble fishing village to a UNESCO World Heritage site that is adored by locals and foreigners alike who take repeated vacations in this vivacious city.

1. Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

Probably among the most revered places to visit in Georgetown, Kek Lok Si Temple holds the honor of being the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Apart from being a temple with tremendous religious significance for the large population of Buddhists in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, this temple boasts of a marvelous seven-story pagoda along with its 10,000 Bronze statues of Buddha.

For travelers who love to be immersed in nature, the Kek Lok Si Temple complex is filled with intricate architecture and lush-green horticulture that spreads over 30 acres on the foot of the Air Itam Mountain.

Timings: 7 am to 5:30 pm daily

Entry Fee:INR 35 (for the Pagoda); INR 70 (incline lift to see the statue)

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2. Penang Hill

Penang Hill

Penang Hill is the most ideal place for adventure seekers, and outdoorsy travelers for an enjoyable weekend of Georgetown sightseeing. With an altitude of 2733 feet above sea level, Penang or Flagstaff Hill is the highest point on the tropical island. The major attraction to this hill is the one-of-a-kind funicular railway in Malaysia that transports millions of people to this breathtaking vantage point.

Over the years, Penang Hill developed from being a British colonial retreat to a tourist attraction that now has a fabulous resort. Travelers who love adventure can choose to hike, bike, or drive to the scenic hilltop.

Ticket Price (for the Funicular): INR 175 (return ticket for adults); INR 85 (for senior citizens and children between age 4-12)

Timings (for the funicular):6:30 am to 11:00 pm (Train service every 15 minutes)

3. Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi

One of the best places in Georgetown Penang is Khoo Kongsi- a spectacular Chinese clan-house that is an architecture lover’s fantasy. Littered with ornaments, gold plated statues, and state-of-the-art Chinese construction work, Khoo Kongsi is an exclamation mark in a long line of decorated and influential Chinese presence in Penang.

The clan-house temple provides the perfect opportunity for all shutterbugs to prize away a few eye-catching images from this 19th century laid-back vacation house.

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (all days)

Entry Fee: INR 175 per person

4. Gurney Plaza

Gurney Plaza

One of the places to see in Georgetown is the swanky Gurney Plaza. Often while traveling people love to indulge in shopping, and Gurney Plaza is the perfect place for that. With a huge surplus of electronic exports, and its duty-free status, Penang is a great place to get good deals on electronics, clothes, and decoration items.

Gurney Plaza benefits from its prime location of Gurney Drive- a spot which is almost impossible to miss on your visit to the small island of Penang. Along with shopping, Gurney Plaza is home to 12 modern cineplexes, and a variety of international restaurants that will cater to all kinds of travelers looking for a blend of luxury and entertainment.

5. Street Art Locations In Georgetown

Street Art Locations In Georgetown

After it received a UNESCO World Heritage site status, the art scene in Georgetown took off like any other. The best part about the street art emergence in Georgetown is that it was initially promoted by government, and not as a form of protest as it has been used around the world.

Spread out all across Georgetown, street art in Penang has gained a lot of traction among tourists, and travel agencies have now started to organize walking tours to visit all of these elaborate masterpieces that add a different dimension to Penang.

6. Penang Botanic Gardens

Penang Botanic Gardens

A list of places to visit in Georgetown would be incomplete without a tribute to the rich flora and fauna that is present on the island of Penang. The Botanic Gardens are a popular hotspot for local residents to go on a picnic, workout, and meditate.

Established by the Britishers near a granite quarry and a waterfall, the botanic gardens can act as a perfect retreat for eco-tourists and travelers who love to spend time surrounded by nature.

Timings: 5 am to 8 pm (all days)

Entry Fee: No charge

7. Batu Ferringhi Beach

Batu Ferringhi Beach

The small town of Batu Ferringhi gets a lot of tourists that visit Penang Island due to its gorgeous white sand beach. A relatively unknown place of tourist interest has been a blessing in disguise for Batu Ferringhi Beach- which is still largely unspoilt and virgin.

Adventure sports enthusiasts might like to bookmark this place as water activities like jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing are conducted on a regular basis around the year. For travelers who would like to spend their nights close to serene and adventurous beach can also opt to stay at either Golden Sands Resort or Shangri-La’s Sayang Resort & Spa.

8. Street food outlets in Penang

Street food outlets in Penang

Like so often in other countries around Asia, street food forms a big part of the gastronomical identity of Malaysia (and Penang in particular). The old and rustic streets of George Town is filled with small food vendors along the side of the street that either are run and operated from just outside their own house by people, or in a buzzing community market.

Mouth-watering delicacies like Assam Laksa (a sweet and sour Noodle soup), Popiah ( a vegetarian spring roll), and Nasi Kandar (steamed rice and curry) are worth a go for travelers who are always on the lookout for a truly authentic local treat.

Georgetown may be small, and relatively unknown, but with a plethora of activities, sightseeing places, and an incredible amalgamation of cultures, travelers are sure to be pleasantly surprised with their visit to the lovely island of Penang. Wait no more, and experience the magic of Penang first hand by booking a holiday in Malaysia at unbelievably attractive prices.


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